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Who’s in and who’s out? This tool solves your staff rotation nightmare

We're going to let you in on a little secret. Recently, it took two of us nearly three days to sort out a rota of who would be coming into the Kontor office and when, taking into consideration COVID safety measures, but also teams wanting face-to-face interaction, meetings, holidays and WFH days... And we wish we had known about this little gem sooner. Officely is an app that integrates into Slack and manages your return to the office strategy by coming up with staff rotation plans, so you don’t have to! It automates the process of assigning different office days to each of your employees, so you can ensure that you are capping the number of people that are allowed into your office each day. This exercise plays a massive part in ensuring the safety of your employees through physical distancing. Officely creates an office schedule that works for everyone. It allows your team to collaborate more with the people they work closest with, while still seeing other employees to maintain your company culture. It works by sending each of your employees a quick survey on Slack, asking them how often they would like to go into the office that week and who they need to work alongside when in the office. The best part is that it uses the groups and channels you are part of on Slack to get an understanding of who you work with most and who you would benefit most by seeing in-person. Officely then assigns you your days in your office, based on how many days a week you would like to be in and which of your team members are in the office. The app also takes into consideration the days where you need to work from home. It's simple to set up and can be done in just ten minutes. Now that was the short introduction, but if you want to learn more you can in this short video. If you're thinking - we need this in our work lives, how do we get this now? Just drop us an email (or message us on our live chat) and we can introduce you directly to the Officely founder, Max, who can give you a full demo.

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