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What does Kontor charge?

If you’re after a fully-managed flexible office, our service is free for you. Yes, free free free!

Why? Because we’re paid by the office provider instead. (Wondering if this means you could end up with a higher-than-necessary price or find yourself pushed towards a less-than-perfect space? It’s a question worth asking. But if that was how we did things, you wouldn’t let us help you again in future would you… nor would we have all those sweet 5* reviews! We play a straight bat because our reputation is everything.)

If you’re after a leased office, you’ll typically pay us a % fee of your first year’s rent. 

Why? Because leased offices are complicated. There’s a lot to get right, and you probably don’t want to face the consequences of getting it wrong. For example, pesky “alienation rights” (or lack of) could leave you unable to sublet or assign the lease as you’d wish, meaning you’re handcuffed to the office for the full term. Especially if you haven’t thought about the “break” option either (that’s a clause that lets you move out early at a pre-set time). Argh. It’s not worth cutting corners. That’s why the fee is the fee (we might as well be upfront about it!). And with our expert negotiating skills, we’ll typically save you more than the fee, not to mention the headache, so you’re better off than going direct.

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