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Do you cover the whole market, or will I miss out if I go with Kontor?

In theory we can find you any office under the sun. Fully-managed flexible offices (aka serviced offices), leased offices, coworking, hybrid, hotdesking… every budget, spec, size and location you can imagine (though that’s not to say we’d recommend all of them!). 

At Kontor we keep things joined up, and that’s not just lip service, we really mean it. It’s always worth asking if this is the case, whoever you use. 

We understand it probably feels like you’re limiting yourself by not shopping around. We too grew up with the principle that it pays to do your research. But in this instance, by putting out lots of feelers, you may end up with a slower, more expensive outcome. 


Firstly, if you involve more than one service like ours or go direct to an office provider, you’ll find yourself dealing with lots of third parties.

Secondly, when you’re in touch with lots of people and services, the question of who’s responsible for the business relationship gets complicated. The less control we have, the less negotiating power we have. 

And to top it off, it becomes harder for us to find you “the one”. That’s because we can’t build a full picture of what you like and don’t like, based on your experience of different spaces when we’re with you in person.

(Can we be cheesy and say you’ll miss out if you don’t go with Kontor?)

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