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Advocating Thirdfort’s workplace strategy throughout their journey for the ideal office

A location-agnostic approach with accessibility at the forefront 

‘No more risky business’ is Thirdfort’s brand tagline.  

An anti-money laundering & anti-fraud company which combines multiple mediums for secure verification, allowing those in law, property and finance professions to onboard clients at a much quicker pace.

On a mission to protect society from fraud and money laundering, Thirdfort was placed in an Old Street office back in 2023 by Tasha Giddings. 

📍 Old Street 

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When embarking on their 2023 office search, Thirdfort had several must-haves on their agenda:

  • Accessibility is key. Ensuring any office is compliant of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is an absolute must for hiring an inclusive team now and in the future.

  • Location-agnostic, the team is very much open to any location as long as the office itself is right. 

  • A stimulating, self-contained space to match the energy of the team. 

Thirdfort consists of a dynamic team, who wanted their London hub - housing 60 employees - to reflect their main HQ in Manchester. As a large chunk of the team operates remotely, any office needed to come hand in hand with flexible access passes to allow for various coming-and-going throughout the week.

Adequate meeting rooms was another must-have, as booking space at their original office (pre-Kontor) started to get costly. 

Armed with the brief, Tasha knew Old Street’s Runway East would fit the bill, bolstered by fully-furnished options, meeting room credits to keep costs down, and an outside courtyard. Did we also mention Cake Wednesdays?

Tasha ensured everything would be kept within budget whilst allowing Thirdfort the freedom to do with the office what they please. 

A defining moment in the search was during discussions regarding location. 

Viewings were conducted all over London, from Soho to Farringdon and Old Street to Victoria, and based on wider team feedback paired with budget requirements, Old Street soon became a firm favourite.

And what does the future hold?

Watch this space! 

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By Jess Ward, Content Marketing Manager

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