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Office Design Grows Up

The coolest workspaces of 2016 don’t have a foosball table in sight!

In the past, all it took to have a cool office was a foosball table, a beer tap, and a few couches. Today companies are looking for ways to boost creativity, spark innovation, and motivate employees. Additionally, tech companies (which have carried the brunt of those foosball stereotypes) are thinking of their workspaces as physical representations of their brand—and as tech matures so too do its offices. In 2016, office design grew up and put on a tie. But the best examples we saw still maintained some punk soul. Here are our picks for the coolest workspaces of the year.

A Web Publisher Finds A New Home In An Old-School Printing Press
Squarespace’s sophisticated new office in the West Village feels like a work of modern art, thanks to its sculptural architectural detailing, like a wood-clad staircase and steel facade. But it’s not about good looks. The designers wanted to create a space that could house all 320 of its NYC employees under one roof. Before this they were spread across six floors in four buildings. Now there’s ample room for quiet work and collaboration, plus a pretty sweet roof deck.

Pinterest’s New HQ Mirrors The Platform’s Evolution
For its new San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest collaborated with local architecture firm Iwamoto Scott. The space—which occupies a former John Deere factory—is an exercise in subtlety. “At the time, Pinterest was undergoing a significant redesign of the website itself, moving to a more streamlined, pared-down aesthetic,” architect Lisa Iwamoto told Co.Design. “It was a cultural shift for the company, moving away from what people had been more used to—the content, the DIY, craftsy feel of Pinterest to the platform of Pinterest. That was something that the architecture was also trying to achieve.”

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