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Kontor x Fred Rigby: Announcing the Kontor Desk collection

Kontor, in collaboration with London based designer Fred Rigby, are pleased to announce the launch of the Kontor Desk collection.

Driven by demand from our clients and a gap in the market for a well designed, affordable, modular and fully customisable product we set out to create the Kontor Desk.

Perfect for startups, scaleups and design focused workspaces.

From a single desk to a bank of your choice, being modular allows for greater flexibility to easily scale numbers up and down and take with you when you move, saving money and reducing waste.

Pick the design, the colour and material of the top, the colour of the klamps and type of wood. Allowing you to customise the Kontor Desk to your design aesthetic and brand colours.

The collection is importantly both designed and manufactured in London, delivered in under two weeks and made out of solid FSC sustainable wood.

Prices start from £300 a desk

The Kontor Desk collection also includes storage solutions and meeting room tables.

contact@kontor.space for sales or if you have a specific requirement. For further information please see our design pack here.

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