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We+ Co-working Space designed by MAT Office

The final design incorporates a library-like experience: On the first level, the traditional corridor-office layout no longer exists, rather a wide open plan space instead, a bar counter provides basic management and service to the co-working space; The big discussion table serves for both groups and individuals; More privacy can be found in booth area, which is suitable for smaller groups. If you do not want to be interrupted by the crowd, private workstations are provided for you to dive into work. In a word, the way a university library space is used is integrated into this project: any space you require is an option here.

Besides the library-like experience, the art of “exhibition” is also adapted during the space design. Most occupants here are small or medium size teams on their start-up phase, which means that the product publication, presentation and even marketing activity requires consideration in the design stage as well. Therefore, 4 display-units and a whole display wall are placed on the first level to meet the presentation needs of the teams. Here the notion of co-working evolves to not only the habitat of the team, but also the habitat of their product.

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