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Kontor x Bibliotheque

We caught up with Tim Beard, co-founder of Bibliotheque, to find out more about the company and what they look for in terms of workspace.

What is Bibliotheque and what does the company stand for?
A design Studio. Creative Thinking. Intelligent Creating.

What did you set out to achieve?
Constantly pushing to make things better. By creating beautiful, useful and innovative work.

Where do you aspire to be?
In London. (A bigger studio would be a step forward though).

What exciting projects are you currently working on?
A new kind of Watch magazine. A website for restauranteur Alan Yau. An identity for an Old Bond Street art foundation. A new permanent gallery at the Science Museum.

What is one of your favourite projects to date?
Identity for Ollo. A mobile broadband service provider, for emerging markets.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Books, Art, Music, Food, Film, Conversation, Exhibitions, The Past, The Present, The Future.

Who do you admire both within and outside your industry?
Anyone who continually innovates, and pushes the boundaries, at the highest levels. Comme des Garçon is always a pretty good place to start. We try to look outside our industry for inspiration, rather than inside it. Those who are good, know it, and don’t need us to tell them.

Turning to the property side of things, what is it that you look for in a workspace?
A single big raw open space, with character. Not a place with nasty polystyrene tiles on the ceiling.

Given a blank canvas where would you ideally be located?
Right where we are now. EC2.

What would it look like?
Honest, with some interesting materials, Grade A finishing and the look of being put together by a combination of Tadao Ando, Saana, Peter Zumthor and Herzog & de Meuron. We’re thinking of hiring them.

What is most important to you – location, cost, transport, amenities?
All of the above. When we moved in our rates were more than our rent. Cost is a bigger and bigger issue, which will invariable impact on the other three parameters.

How do you occupy the space and why?
We try to make it our own, within the parameters that are set for us. We just need to create an environment which facilitates good work, inspires our staff and is centrally located for all travel parameters.

How do you see things going in the future?
Unless there is a change in rental prices, out of Central London.

Where are your competitors moving?
Further east.

Would you consider moving to areas such as Dalston, Haggerston and Hackney Wick or what about south of the river (Bermondsey, New Cross, Peckham etc)?
Dalston/Haggerston/London Fields/Hackney Wick – Yes to all. South of the River is not on our specific radar for a studio – but I wouldn’t rule it out if the place was right.

Why would you move to some and not others?
Being as central as possible is very useful to us. For both our staff and our clients connectivity. You pick up a surprising ammount of work, just bumping into people on the street, and staying engaged with your collaborators.

Would you consider other regional cities?
London is where its at for us.

One day. (After New York and Tokyo).

To see more of Bibliotheque’s amazing work please see www.bibliothequedesign.com

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